Sales Tips

Tips For Selling No Exam Life Insurance

Selling no-exam life insurance really helps with cash flow in the first few years of your business.  There’s nothing better than taking an application and getting paid the next week. The reason I’m writing this article is I’ve noticed that many agents have an issue with selling no-exam life insurance because of the price and […]

January and February Are Consistently Good Months For Life Sales

Quick heads up here. For those new to selling life insurance online and over the phone – January and February are 2 of the biggest months for submitting new business. Anyone whose been selling life insurance over the phone for a few years can back me up on how big these next 2 months are.  […]

Systems Driven Life Insurance Business

A lot of agents have trouble visualizing what a successful life insurance by phone business really looks like.  Are you always going to be a 1 man show?  Do you evolve into a call center?  Do you need an assistant or even a virtual assistant? What’s the best way to scale? All really good questions […]

Using Cover Letters To Win High Risk Life Insurance Clients

I consider myself a high risk life insurance specialist.  I work high risk cases every day and have replaced countless policies from people who were paying too much just because their previous agent used the wrong life insurance company. My secret weapon to placing so many high risk life insurance cases?  Cover Letters. Not just […]

Reality Check: The Initial Cost of Selling Life Insurance Over The Phone

This article is a gut check for agents considering diving into this business full time. I speak with agents all the time who have the drive and the skills to crush this business, but there’s 1 thing that’s holding them back – MONEY! Selling life insurance over the phone takes a healthy monthly budget.  The […]

Extracting Referral Sources From Your Leads

This is a VERY important topic that I credit for the fast growth in my life insurance business over the last 6 months. First off, let me explain that the best lead you can get is a referral.  No other lead will convert as well as a referral from a trusted source. If you’re doing […]

Your BIGGEST Asset in This Business

If you want longevity in this business combined with increasing income,  the only “stable” way to do this is: Build your database of prospects. There are major ups and downs in selling life insurance over the phone, especially during the first few years. If you’re solely dependent on buying leads, every month is a roller […]

Selling Term From Home – The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Guest post by Liran Hirschkorn I love it when I have that first interaction with a lead or prospect. Maybe I spent 15 or 30 minutes on the phone, and at the end of the call the prospect decides to apply for life insurance. It doesn’t matter if this is my first or 10th application […]

The Mindset of Selling Life Insurance Over The Phone

I speak with agents every week who could kill it in this business, but are held back because of  limiting beliefs. Selling life insurance over the phone just takes a certain mindset. Break Away From Limiting Beliefs Allow me to get philosophical here.  I’ve had this discussion with a couple agents who told me this […]

Placing AOTA’s

Placing AOTA’s is a skill every life insurance agent needs to master. AOTA = Approved Other Than Applied For. In other words, your client’s premiums are more expensive than you quoted them.  This is a tough situation to overcome and going into that phone call unprepared can leave you with a big fat $0 in […]