The Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast is all about helping you turn life insurance sales into an achievable online, over the phone and location independent dream business.

Innovating in Life Insurance with Gregory Bailey

Gregory was recently named one of the 20 most creative people in insurance and has over 20 years of life insurance industry experience going from agent, to home office executive and now as a thought leader for insurance industry innovation. In this episode learn: 1.  Ways to act on your ideas to innovate the insurance […]

Connecting in a Technology Driven World

Thom Singer has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and is the Master of Ceremonies and Keynote for this year’s MDRT Top of the Table event.  We’ll be talking about connecting with people in a technology driven world. In this episode learn: 1.  Why social media isn’t a replacement for human to human networking. […]

Building Your Local Brand with Jonas Roeser

Jonas has been marketing in financial services for over a decade, focusing on lead generation and personal branding.  He’ll be sharing with us some tips on building your local brand. In this episode learn: 1.   How to use your email signature to generate business 2.  How to use LinkedIn for local referrals 3.  How you can use […]

Building A Profitable Business Around Gen Y with Sophia Bera

Forget what you’ve heard about targeting Gen Y.  Sophia Bera has built a very profitable business around Gen Y and in this episode talks about how she did that. Sophia is very open and generous with the inside look at her business and how she works with Gen Y.  Lots of great “how-to” information for […]

SEO, Conversions and Building Your Own Systems with Glenn Cooke

Glenn Cooke is a life insurance industry veteran that uses marketing and technology to make life insurance easier for consumers to understand and purchase using his own twist on online marketing and building his own systems. In this episode learn: 1. How Glenn generates leads online for his agency 2. Importance and tips Glenn uses to increase […]

Accountability and Expected Value with Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson is a digital marketing consultant and has spent the last 3 years meeting with 100’s of entrepreneurs from around the world helping them with their businesses.  He’s been a huge influence on my business through a mastermind we take part in and we’ll be discussing accountability and a excerpt from his new book, End […]

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Market Insights with Patrick Pegram

Patrick Pegram, also known as “Skipper”, is a 30 year life insurance industry veteran and has to be one of the most experience mortgage protection experts out there. There’s a lot of hype around the mortgage protection life insurance market and Patrick gives us the truth on what you can actually expect and how to best […]

Anonymous Interview with a Life Insurance Underwriter

In this episode we interview a life insurance underwriter.  We’ll keep the life insurance company and underwriter name anonymous so the interview can be as candid as possible. We ask a broad range of questions from what it takes to become an underwriter, what their average case load is, if cover letters really help.  and […]

Marketing Life Insurance to Consumer 2.0

This episode covers the current state of life insurance marketing and the magnitude of the opportunity in front of us for 2015 and beyond. As we close out 2015, there’s a few opportunities agents haven’t fully grasped that I’ll also cover those in this episode. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Mentioned on this episode: […]

No Exam Life Insurance with Sagicor’s President – Bart Catmull

This week we have Bart Catmull, President and COO of Sagicor Life Insurance. Bart and I have a conversation about Sagicor Life Insurance and the no medical exam life insurance marketplace.  Specifically his thoughts on where it’s going and challenges it faces. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Bart Catmull Mentioned on this episode: Sagicor […]