Week 6 Sales Challenge Update

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The point of recapping my apps for the week are for training purposes.

I had another good week!  5 EZlife application and 3 Fidelity applications.  Lets start with the 5 EZlife applications.  Summary is below with names whited out.

EZlife App #1:  Referral who needs coverage for a loan.  This guy was a pretty simple case.  He had controlled Rheumatoid Arthritis and is retired (doesn’t work – which is important with impaired risk).  He wanted a non-med plan so he could get his money for the loan quickly, unfortunately he had the wrong kind of Arthritis to get non-med.  It would have been doable if he had Osteo Arthritis.  We applied with Transamerica at Table 2 rates because his Rheumatoid Arthritis was mild and didn’t have any other health issues.  App out $840

EZlife App #2:  Website Lead.  She actually used the search term “life insurance quotes” and I was the first agency that didn’t seem “huge”.  I had no idea I was ranking on the 3rd page or that anyone even went to the 3rd page of Google.  Anyway, this lady was looking for 20 year term $500k.  She is 5’5 240 lbs and takes a HBP pill but it’s under control.  I got her on a screen share using Adobe Connect.  I ran her build through XRAE and Protective Life will give her Standard rates, while everyone else was a low table rating.  The fact that she was able to see that I was offering the best rate based on her build made it an easy transition to the application.  App out $876

EZlife App #3:  Website call in.  He is the CEO of a company and his board of directors is requiring a key man policy on him for $1.5M for 10 years.  The issue with this guy was he smoked pot almost daily, but had no health issues.  He first hammered me on if this information will become public and he doesn’t want anyone to know about his habit, especially the board.  I explained the privacy and HIPAA laws until he felt comfortable, then I looked through my marijuana life insurance grid and came up with ING at Preferred Smoker rates based on his daily usage and it not being prescribed.  App out $5738

EZlife App #4:  Website Lead.  This guy was replacing a policy that expired last month and the premiums skyrocketed.  He had HBP under control with 1 med.  I actually quoted this guy last week and he wanted to think about it.  Anytime I quote someone that I know can’t find something better elsewhere, I’ll email quotes via video.  I recorded a quick screenshare video (via Camtasia and uploaded through ScreenCast) showing him all the rates available for him.  He saw every companies rates with Prudential leading the pack.  He called me back to start the process with Prudential.  App out $1176

EZlife App #5:  Website Application Request.  Just like last week, I had this e-mail waiting for me in the morning:

This is an application request.  Meaning he saw the rates and requested an application.  I called him to confirm his health and he had no health issues.  This was a $1M policy for 20 years.  He already has $2M in force and just had another baby.  He also asked me for DI, since his employer only covers 65% of his $200k income.  I’m working on that as well.  Another inbound marketing score.  App out $1350

My 3 Fidelity Apps were all referrals and all 3 of them were already approved.  One of the applications I took in the morning and it was approved later that afternoon!  By the way, all 5 of my Fidelity application were approved last week.  On a good streak with them!  App out $1114

I started sending some of my website leads to another agent for a split while I work on building out a few more marketing platforms for myself and other agents.  We’re working on a 50/50 split, so I’ll include half of those premiums in future weeks.

Premium wise, it was a really strong week.  $9,980 in EZlife apps and $1114 in Fidelity Life apps.

Total premium apped out this week: $11,094
Total premium to date (over 6 weeks): $43,259

Again, I’m WAY ahead of pace to hit my 5 month goal of $80k submitted.  I’m over half way there in 1.5 months!  I know I’ve had a great last 2 weeks and I’m hoping to keep the momentum for next week.