Week 13, 14 and 15 Sales Challenge Update

For weeks 1-12′s recap, please click “Sales Challenge” under Categories. My goal is to hit $80k in 5 months (20 weeks). Results are at the bottom on this post.

The point of the sales challenge and recapping my apps for the week are for training purposes.

Aloha!  I spent 10 of the last 18 days in Maui, so please excuse the lack of updates.

The great thing about selling life insurance over the phone is you can work from anywhere if you’re set up correctly.  It’s great to have the technology and the systems to be able to work from basically anywhere with an internet connection.  I had only 1 requirement when I was booking condos for this trip: high speed internet connection.

I did take a few applications while on vacation using my iPhone’s Ring Central app (so it would show my work phone number and not my cell) and my iPad with wireless keyboard to actually complete the applications.  They were a breeze using EZlife and Fidelity’s Rapid App.  I routed almost all of my leads and referrals to another agent while out there…so that freed up a lot of time.

Here’s my office set up and view from Maui:

With all that said, over my vacation and this week, I submitted 5 EZlife applications (2 in Maui) and 6 Fidelity applications (2 in Maui).

I did a total of 5 EZlife apps for a total of $11,232!  Here are my EZlife Apps with names whited out:

EZlife App #1:  Website call in.  This was a nice sized case.  He needed to secure a $1.7mm 20 year term policy to secure an SBA loan to buy a commercial building.  He has Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation that’s exercise induced.    He initially told me he had an arrhythmia and as soon as I heard that, I pulled up my afib/arrhythmia questionnaire which let me know the right questions to ask.   I think he immediately knew that I was an expert because I’m rattling off these medical terms (from my questionnaire).  Since he needs this coverage asap, I knew I couldn’t leave this phone call without an application, so I took an educated guess at Table 2 rates (I would have otherwise quick quoted it for tentative offers and then called him back).  He said he wanted to check with his Allstate agent to see if he could get it cheaper.  I told him his Allstate agent offers Lincoln Benefit Life and it’s another $1500 a year.  He was still a little skeptical, so I told him that he could fill out multiple applications if he wished and take the best offer (knowing very well Banner has everyone beat).  We completed the app.  I still sent it out for a quick quote and got answer back today: Table 2!  App out $7776

EZlife App #2:  Website lead.  This was an application request for Minnesota Life.  65 year old woman who wanted $250k for 20 years.  Perfect health.  No meds or anything.  She was doing this for estate planning purposes.  She spoke with an agent earlier who tried to sell her something $5/mo. more expensive, but she’s seen the instant quotes and knew Minnesota Life had better rates so she decided to move on and found my website.  I’m not going to argue with anyone who wants to buy something specific.  App out $1536

EZlife App #3:  Website lead.  This guy smokes pot 2-3 times per month.  He had a TON of questions and we exchanged a few emails before he finally decided to move forward.  I told him the key is getting non-smoker rates and that Lincoln Financial would offer him Standard non-smoker rates based on his usage.  He was comfortable with the premium, so we completed the application….on my iPad, from my cell phone, on my deck in Maui!  App out $780

EZlife App #4: Referral.  This guy has a reckless driving ticket on his record from last year.  He was declined from another carrier because of that.  Prudential would take him at Table 2 rates.  App out $420

EZlife App #5: Website Lead.  This gentleman takes cholesterol and blood pressure meds.  One for each condition.  Both are under control.  Easy preferred rating with most carriers.  App out $720

Fidelity Apps: 6 apps for a total of $1663.20.  All 6 are approved and in force!

So when you total all this premium up and add it to my other weeks, I hit my goal of reaching $80k in submitted premium!  Not only that, I hit it 5 weeks before my target date!

Total premium apped out over week 13, 14 and 15: $12,895
Total premium to date (over 15 weeks): $85,427

I had a long week catching up after missing almost 2 weeks of work, so next week I’ll post a sales challenge wrap upAlso, I have lots of helpful training articles already outlined.  I just need to find the time to write them.  Stay tuned!