New Lead Source! approved!

As my previous posts mention, I built my agency off of aged life insurance leads.   I loaded thousands of leads into a dialer every month for over a year to build my online life insurance business.  The second half of that time, I had a telemarketer making my calls for me and live transferring hot prospects while I learned how to market online.

That worked out great except for the fact my “good” telemarketer left me and I had to find a replacement.  That didn’t go so well.  I tried telemarketers on odesk, from craigslist and from local colleges.  They all lasted less than 2 weeks and cost me a lot of time/money – so I stopped.

I tell you this story because there’s a new lead source I’m recommending – Best Rate Referral’s life insurance live transfers.

Why?  They are providing the exact lead I built my business on AND taking care of the dirty work of finding a telemarketer and dealing with bad batches of aged leads.

They’re calling aged life insurance leads and transferring you qualified (no uninsurables) people who want to speak with an agent for quotes.  I interviewed the head of the life insurance division of Best Rate Referrals, David Morton, here:

Highlights of the video if you don’t have 16 minutes:

1:48 – How the live transfers are originated (aged leads)
3:15 – Telemarketer conversation goals (interest level and insurability)
4:00 – Live transfer details (phone call hand off and information transferred to portal.  Sample lead shown)
6:20 – What kind of results to expect (20%-40% closing ratio)
7:15 –  My story of working aged lead live transfers
8:58 – Why it makes sense.  Real time leads vs. Live Transfers  … #1 reason why this makes sense.
10:08 – Live transfers are customizable to fit your schedule
11:34 – State-wide orders only.  Multiple states preferred.
13:47 –  Pricing with introductory offer
15:08 – Contact information for purchases.

I highly recommend these guys.  It’s the best lead source on the open market today.