An Easy Strategy Using Social Media to Generate Life Insurance Leads

A lot of agents want to rank their websites in Google, but either don’t know how or don’t have the resources to do it.

There are so many other ways to drive traffic to your website with more immediate results than “SEO”.  In this article, I’ll cover 1 social media strategy I’ve implemented into my business just recently and I’ve seen some great results.

Life insurance is a pretty boring topic, so you’re not going to make a life insurance blog post go viral.  However, you can get some immediate traffic with social media.

As you know, website traffic = leads (IF you have a site that converts).

And no, I’m not talking about posting something to your Facebook or Twitter page.  I’m talking about social media outreach.

Here’s what I’m doing to generate life insurance leads on social media.

Write an awesome piece of content niched down to a particular vertical.  It has to be something very niche.  Think – “Life insurance for scuba divers” or “life insurance for type 1 diabetics” – but even that’s too generic for social media outreach.  You have to provide this content in a method that sounds newsworthy.  Like “How To Get the Best Life Insurance Rate Class as a Scuba Diver” or “No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics”.

Something readers will want to read.  Not something generic.

How do you come up with these ideas you may ask?

  • Pay attention to what your clients are asking for.  If someone has PTSD and has been declined coverage – use it as your mission to get him approved and write about it.
  • Read your carrier’s news and underwriting update e-mails.  I always find a niches buried in those things.
  • Those ridiculous offers you receive from a life insurance carrier – write about it.

After you’ve written your article (on your beautiful website that converts), you reach out to others in that niche via social media.

Many agents and businesses think you can simply post it on your Facebook or Twitter and people will see it – WRONG.

You need to leverage other people’s audiences.

Here’s how we do this:

Spreadsheet a list of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to target within that niche.  It’s as easy as using Facebook or Twitter’s search functions.  Also, look at the top 10 pages of search in Google and source the social media accounts for each page.  Come up with a message to send to everyone on that spreadsheet and send it.  Facebook has a “send message” platform and you can “@” someone on Twitter.

I have my VA target pages with 500 or more “likes” on Facebook or “follows” on Twitter.

We draft a clear and concise message of how this article will benefit this niches fans/followers and send it to every account on the spreadsheet via a “copy and paste”.

If you can get these social media profiles to share your link to their follower’s, there’s an immediate stream of qualified buyers on your website.  Your well-written article demonstrating your expertise will do all the work from there.

You really only need 1 good social media site to share your article to their audience to get some good traffic and immediate leads.

Lets take a recent example of mine:

2 months ago, I wrote an article “How Life Insurance Companies View Electronic Cigarette Users”.  I know there aren’t many searches in Google for this term – my goal isn’t to rank #1 for this term in the search engines – it’s to get this information in front of electronic cigarette users.

I know that I’ll get more targeted visitors by leveraging someone else’s audience than I would in a year of ranking #1 for this keyword.

My VA sourced dozens of Facebook e-cigarette business pages and sent them messages (copy and paste job).  None of them responded.  A day later my website has over 140 visits from Facebook.  On top of that, I had 80 visits from e-cigarette forums.  I had residual traffic for a week.

One of those Facebook pages I sent the message to, posted my article to their community of e-cigarette users without letting me know.  The same day, it was posted in 2 different e-cigarette forums.

I was “breaking” the news to the community that they could get “non-smoker” rates as e-cigarette users, but they had to use the right company.  (This was actually old news – Prudential’s been doing this for years)

I wrote 3 applications from that little Facebook campaign.

Guess what? I’m going to send a different message every couple months like clockwork to the same social media pages.

Oh, by the way – I now rank #2 on Google for “life insurance with e-cigarettes” with ZERO link building (at the time of publishing this article).  Pretty solid evidence to me that social signals play a role in SEO.

I’m also doing this for dozens of other risks on the market.  You should see the spreadsheet my VA put together – she’s become a pro at sourcing these pages.

Cliffs Notes:

1. Create a beautiful website with a clear call to action
2. Write a well-written article to a specific niche and make it sound newsworthy
3. Source all social media pages for this niche
4. Draft a concise message to send to all of these profiles (easy copy and paste job from there)
5. Rinse and Repeat

You’re probably thinking, why am I sharing this stuff with you guys?  Won’t we be competing with you?… First of all, there’s plenty of room for agents to do this type of marketing especially since there’s so many different niches.

Secondly, I’m motivated by helping other agents become successful in online marketing for life insurance.  Most agents think in order to sell over the phone, they need to buy leads…it’s just not the case.

This particular strategy will only resonate with some of you.  I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone.  It’s just ONE strategy you can implement into your life insurance business that you probably never thought of.   We’ll be discussing many other online marketing strategies in the future.

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