Work With Us!

At this time, I’m not accepting any new agents that need training.   I’m creating an online training program to be released sometime this year.  Make sure you’re signed up for my e-mail newsletter for alerts on when this will be released.

However, I am helping experienced agents grow their business by helping with their marketing.  Currently, here is what I have to offer.

***updated as opportunities arise***

1)  Lead generating website   (***NOT AVAILABLE***) *Currently building more*

Currently, I have 1 available.  It generates 75-100 leads per month – including all inbound calls and “application requests”.

Cost?  $1500/mo. and you must be contracted with EZlife and willing to take leads nationwide.  Month to month contract and I”ll guarantee a minimum of 75 leads.  You’ll get several “application requests” as well during the month.

What makes this different than buying real time leads?  These are organic leads (google searches) and you’ll be calling from the website they filled out the form on.  Inbound calls and application requests are converting very high – you’ll get all of those.

Not only that, you’re my agent and I own this site, so if you don’t make a good ROI, I’ll work with you.

More websites will be available later this year when they get to a respectable monthly lead level.

2)  SEO website help

Minimum $1500/mo. for a minimum of 6 months.  You can scale down after that if you wish.  If you’re serious, I can put you in touch with 2 agents who I’ve done this for and after 4 months receive over 2 leads per day + inbound calls and growing.  Currently they’re receiving more than that.  This would use the same process I use to market my network of sites that generate over 900 exclusive leads per month.

We’d do the keyword research and guide you through the way

3) Overflow exclusive real-time leads at $5/piece  (***NOT AVAILABLE***)

These are impaired risk leads and must be taken nationwide (you must be willing to sell in all 50 states) and you must be an experienced agent who knows how to help high risks.  I have a relationship with a lead vendor that has on average 50 “overflow” exclusive real-time leads every WEEK that are given to us at $5/ea.  Bogus leads are fully refundable.  Very high ROI on this for the right agent.

**currently I have 2 agents splitting these (25 per week), but I can put you on a wait list.

4)  Be our backstop(***NOT AVAILABLE***)

Many of our agents generate their own leads and are sometimes too bogged down by their own marketing to get to all of them or simply want to go on vacation and have no one to work their leads.  If you’re willing to take leads nationwide, we can work out commission splits at no cost to you.  Typically 50/50.  We can’t guarantee any sort of consistent monthly lead flow, but I would introduce you as the “backstop” to each of these agents that need the help.

This person should be experienced and licensed in most states or willing to be licensed in any states they receive leads in.

Benefits of Working Within Our Group

Besides the benefits of a specialized agency focusing on selling life insurance over the phone, here are some other benefits of working with us:

– Top Contracts with Advances.
– Access to over 60 life insurance companies.
– Open release policy.  If you decide we’re not the upline for you, we’ll gladly release any contracts you wish.
– EZlife access.  The absolute best platform for submitting life insurance applications over the phone.
– Impaired risk specialists.  We love high risk life insurance and will help you place more business.
– Get to know other successful agents selling over the phone and learn from them.
– Exclusive training.

Any questions?  Call Jeff Root at 888-430-7668 x101