Sell Life Insurance Over The Phone

For many agents out there, selling life insurance over the phone is a fun and easy way to make a VERY GOOD living.  For others, it’s a money pit and a one way ticket out of this business.  The difference between being successful and struggling in this business is: knowledge and work ethic.

We can’t teach work ethic, but we can show you what successful agents are doing every day.

This website is centered around our blog to help agents sell more life insurance over the phone.  If any successful agent wants to contribute, we’d be happy to have you.

Here’s what we’ll cover in our blog:

Every day activities of successful producers.
Sales Training, Scripts and audio recordings of real calls.
Inbound Marketing.
Automating your business.
Lead reports.  Know what’s working and what’s not.
Lead discounts and special offers.
Using technology to sell more life insurance.
Growing your life insurance agency.
Best practices.
Impaired risk opportunities.

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