Online Sales Funnels To Generate Appointments and Leads

jwillJovan Will from works with top financial advisors across the country to prosper in the digital age.  We talk in detail about his marketing strategies to get appointments to market annuities and other financial products.   Some agents are even selling annuities 100% over the phone and doing very, very well.


In this episode learn:

1) How he uses his sales funnel to schedule appointments automatically and only speak with hot prospects.  He believes in quality of leads and not volume of leads and his funnels do this.  We go in depth on this topic.

2) Ways to drive traffic into his funnel, from the most expensive way to the most simplified way and some under the radar techniques.  Lots of different strategies discussed.

3) Jovan has a small website that has 15 blog posts and generates 5 annuity appointments (not leads, actual appointments on the calendar) – every week from the search engines. We talk about the characteristics of this website and how you can do this on a local and national level.

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Jeff Root: [email protected]
Jovan Will: [email protected]

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