Life Insurance Lead Systems

On top of the podcast, community and training – we run a remote life insurance agency.  We don’t have any lead problems (we have more than we can handle).

We used to give our leads away for free and pay agents a reduced commission, but there was dishonesty and lack of working the leads as if they’re you’re own.  We determined there needs to be skin in the game and accountability involved.

So we have 2 options right now.  1 is a sizable monetary commitment, the other is a small monetary commitment but involves a lot of work.

You’re essentially joining our agency by joining these systems. You’ll be using our professional brands and contracts. You’ll have access to everyone else in the agency and our sales manager by internal chat during the work day for any questions.  So you’re not going at it alone.

Please note that we don’t actively recruit a downline. We don’t want any part of supporting a downline. The only people we support are those working our lead systems.

Both of these systems we can scale and can be 6-figure profit centers for those willing to commit to it.

System #1:  Real-Time Leads delivered into our automated CRM

$8000 for your first 10 weeks.  Then $800/week after that.

You contract with our agency (90%-95% are most 20 year FUW term levels – FE contracts over 100%).

You must be licensed in at least 40 states before starting with us.

We’re not going to deliver a certain amount of leads, we’re going to plug you into our marketing systems.    You’ll be working our search engine organic leads, our paid media campaigns, lead partners and our referral partners.  Some of the referral partners may require a split  (we’ll still deliver the same quantity of leads outside those) – consider those free leads.

Basically, we’re plugging you in to all of our marketing.   We’ll measure your performance and benchmark it.  Our sales manager will be by your side the whole time.  And yes, part of this is working with our sales manager.  We make money off of what you sell (the override), not your lead spend.  We must make sure you’re making money…so it’s win/win.  If you’re doing great, you won’t hear from our sales manager very much.

I’ll add that our sales system is streamlined.  Leads are fed into our CRM and you literally just click down a list and disposition the leads.  All your applications, medical exams and underwriting is taken care of by case managers.  You focus on selling only.

Expectations:  In 4-5 months you should be placing 2x what you put in, 6 months will be 3x, 9 months 4x and 5x 12 months and beyond.

So there is a ramp up period.  You’ll need around $15,000 set aside to get this going and build your pipeline before it’s self-funding with commissions.

Our Production Guarantee:  If by week 10, you haven’t submitted $30,000, we’ll stop your payments until you do.  At which time, you’re probably not suited for this program and part ways with you (after you hit $30k submitted).

Note:  You own your clients 100%.  If you ever want to part ways, we’ll export your leads  and clients (subtracting the referral partners) and they’re yours 100%.  We’ll also release you from any contracts.

If you’re interested in this, email [email protected] with the subject line: Real-Time lead program

System #2: FREE Aged Life Insurance Leads

$1000 Setup Fee (Refunded after you place $10,000)

You must contract with our agency (90%-95% are most 20 year FUW term levels – FE contracts over 100%).

You purchase a dialer at $99 – $150 mo (we’ll give you suggestions).  We’ll give you unlimited aged life insurance leads (20-60 days old) at a 50/50 split.  The clients are 100% yours.

You must be licensed in at least 5 states so we can provide the volume you’ll need.

Free leads come with accountability. You must commit to qualifying and quoting on average 4 people per day and enter them into our CRM.  That may take 2 hours on a dialer or it may take 5 hours.  As long as you’re qualifying and quoting 20 people every week (or 25 hours on dialing time), we’ll continue to give you as many leads as you can handle.

You will report weekly to our sales manager and you will give her access to your dialer. She’ll review and train you on our systems, processes and becoming a better over the phone life insurance agent.

With VERY little financial skin in the game (dialer costs only), you can build a big book of clients.  4 qualified prospects/day = 1040 qualified prospects per year.  You’ll have a SOLID foundation to your business.

Why the setup fee? If we made this with no barrier to entry, we’d get flooded with agents. Also, we’re handing you our scripts, training you, setting you up on our technology and spending time with you on the phone. If you change your mind or aren’t hitting your commitment to us (20 quoted/week), we operate at a loss and we’re not willing to do that. Trust us, we WANT to refund the $1000.

Your commitment:  4 Qualified/Quoted prospects per day OR 750 calls/day.  If you consistently miss that mark, we’ll remove you from the program.
Our commitment:  Unlimited aged life insurance leads, training and support.