Aged Life Insurance Leads

PRO TIP: Here’s a link to the aged life insurance leads we use.

Here’s the REAL scoop on working aged life insurance leads.  Forget what you heard from lead vendors, because they don’t work these leads.

I worked aged leads full time from October 2010-October 2011 and placed over 120 policies from aged leads during that time.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

The Numbers

I hear claims from several lead vendors of 2%-5% application sent rates.  This is complete BS.  If you’ve worked leads, you know this.

Truth is, most aged lead vendors make ridiculous markups on these leads and they know most agents won’t ever buy again so they keep their markups high. (The source we use, has the cheapest and highest quality aged life leads)

Aged Life Insurance LeadsI started working aged life insurance leads in 2010 and was apping out 1% of my leads.  1,000 leads would generate 10 applications.  These were the good ol’ days I wish were still here.

In early 2011 other agencies started catching on to working aged leads and my app out percentage had slowly declined.   As of today, you can expect to app out around 0.4% of your aged life insurance leads within 90 days. With a total of .5%-.7% over the course of the year if you keep on top of your follow ups. (Remember, not everyone’s ready to buy right now)

Sounds low doesn’t it?  But when you factor in lead costs, there’s great profits to be made.

Lets say you buy a batch of 2,000 leads (the minimum that I recommend) for $520 ($0.26 ea).  You can expect to app out an average of 8 applications (.4%) within 90 days.

If you were to spend $520 and buy real time leads at an average cost of $25 per lead, you would have 21 leads.  Do you think you could write 8 applications from 21 leads?….Didn’t think so, because there is no real time lead vendor with those types of conversions. Not even our highest performing self generated leads perform that high.

Back to the numbers.  Of those 8 applications, you’ll place on average 50% of them or in other words – you get paid on 4 new clients.  With the average annual premium being a conservative $750, you’ll place $3000 on a $520 lead investment. And over time, you’ll place another policy or 2 from the prospects that need some more time.

You can easily work 4,000 leads or more per month.

The numbers STILL work.

The Honest Truth About Working Aged Leads

Working aged leads is a grind.

I’ll be completely upfront and estimate that 25% of the leads will say they never requested anything.  I believe them.   Aged leads are former real time leads and we know how bad the bogus rate on those leads are.  Don’t be alarmed when 1 out of 4 are telling you they never requested anything.  These are “unfiltered” old real-time leads.  The numbers above factor in this bogus percentage.

To have prospects hanging up on you every few minutes isn’t for the faint of heart.  This is a numbers game and whoever speaks with the most people, will make the most money almost every time.  You develop some thick skin doing this, but at the same time you develop some great skills and fantastic clients.

Calling for 4-5 hours a day isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, but this is what it takes to make a decent income.  If you have the work ethic, you can build your income quickly.

If you do it right and quote 4 people a day (20 per week), at the end of the year you’ll have a database of over 1000 prospects who have purchased from you or are potential future clients that just need some nurturing.

If you can grind aged leads out for 1 year, you’ll have a solid foundation of prospects to build your business on.

There are 5 KEY Components

1.  You need a dialer that calls at least 3 lines simultaneously.

We recommend:

Mojo Dialer
Safesoft Solutions

Each of these providers we’ve used.  All have month to month contracts and great quality.

2.  Leads at a low price.  You can get them at $0.26 ea (if you buy 2,000).

3.  You need a good script.  A bad script will kill your conversions.  In the year I built my agency, I said the same thing over and over and over again.

4.  You need 3 months worth of lead money set aside to bankroll future lead purchases (unless you have other streams or income or referrals).  I’ve seen agents buy 4,000 leads and send out 20 applications, but by the time they were paid, they needed to pay bills and couldn’t afford anymore leads.  If you treat this as what it is, an INVESTMENT in your business, and plan accordingly, then you’ll rock it.

5.  Keep a positive attitude.  Every agent will get frustrated with the bogus leads and people not interested and blame it on the lead source.  This leads to a horrible attitude on the phone which kills potential sales with the people who are interested.  I see it all the time.  Agents tell me these leads are “garbage” and only call through the list 1 time.  At the same time, I see other agents working the same source and hitting the numbers I’m claiming and even better for some batches.  Put your head down, call through the list at least 5 times with a good attitude and you’ll get your ROI.

Making the Math Easy

Working Aged Life Insurance Leads is a contact sport.

Here’s all you need to know:

Qualify and quote 4 brand new prospects every day.  It may take you 3 hours on the dialer or it may take you 6 hours on the dialer.  Anyone who has the work ethic to consistently qualify and quote 4 new prospects every day will make a lot of money and build not only their client list, but their database of prospects.  That’s where the money is.

I understand working aged leads isn’t for everyone.  It takes a certain type of agent to make it work.  However, it DOES work.

I hope I stopped some of you from experimenting with them and I hope I motivated some of you to grind this out.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.