Generate Daily Leads from Your Website

What if I told you we can help you build a profitable, lead generating machine within 12 months and all it took was a 1 hour per day commitment?Would waking up to new leads every morning change your business? Your life?We’ve been helping life insurance agents generate daily lead flow from their own life insurance websites for years now, and we’re now extending the offer to you.

We’ve consistently found you only need:

  • The desire to change
  • The right tools
  • Training and support
  • The discipline to make it all happen

We’ll take care of the tools, training and support. If you have the desire to change and the discipline to make it happen, we’ll help you build a website that is an asset to your business and generates consistent leads for you.

Yes, real, exclusive, inbound life insurance leads like clockwork.

The next generation life insurance agent can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Their home, office, a coffee shop, the lake house, the beach…wherever you can get online. They travel when they want and work when they want.

And most importantly, they work with people already interested in purchasing life insurance. Which means they write more business with less effort.

We know, because that’s exactly what we do.

Here’s What You Get

We’ll build you a website that converts more visitors into leads than other agent websites. This has taken us years (and 10’s of thousands of dollars) to test and you get the benefits we’re enjoying today.

Then we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to generate life insurance leads.

Here are more details:

Mobile friendly website w/integrated instant quotes ($2500 value)

We’ve been building websites for life insurance lead generation for over 5 years. Everything we’ve learned to convert more visitors into leads goes into building your website. Learn from our mistakes and profit from our biggest wins.

Here’s the deal…most life insurance websites are poorly built and don’t perform very well. There’s a technical finesse required to make a high performing website. Most web agencies skip over these technical elements because it’s “under the hood” work that agent’s would never know about, but holds back their website’s effectiveness. We take care of all this with every website we create.

Over 30% of your traffic will come from mobile devices – it’s important you not only get a mobile-friendly website, but a website design which converts on mobile effectively. We’ve increased agent’s leads in the past by 20% JUST by fixing their mobile design. All the sites we build are built to convert visitors into leads on mobile devices.

We’ll customize instant quotes right into your website using NinjaQuoter (already included in subscription price), the highest performance life insurance software on the market.

We’ll set up your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to make sure your site is primed to appear where your customers are searching.

Basically we’re delivering you an “out of the box” website which will outperform the majority of life insurance websites on the net.

Lightning fast and secure hosting with WPEngine* ($29/mo value)

Too many agents go with cheap hosting and have problems with getting hacked, their site going down for maintenance or overall slow performance which results in less traffic and sales.

Fast page load speeds are key for ranking signals in Google and just for user experience in general.

If your website is going to be the hub of your business, it should load fast and be completely secure.

We host all of our site builds on WPEngine and include it in the price because it’s THAT important.

Detailed insights on every lead with NinjaQuoter “Professional” ($69/mo value)

NinjaQuoter will be the instant quote engine on your website which displays quotes faster than any other software. We’re giving you their “Professional” subscription included in our pricing.

With NinjaQuoter, you’ll get insights on EVERY on every lead delivered to your inbox (or CRM) so you know what page on your website the lead came from. For example, if they came from your scuba diving article, you’ll know going into the call they’re probably a scuba diver. It’s great intel which can help you write more business.

You can pick which carriers you want to display quotes for and change where you want the leads sent to, all on the fly.

NinjaQuoter has other benefits like an agent quoter which quotes table ratings and flat extras, too. There is so much value with this service; we use it daily.

Access to a private community of like-minded agents that share their best strategies ($50/mo value)

Go here for a detailed description of our community.

This community was created to develop the “next generation” life insurance agent. IMOs, MGAs, GAs and industry trainers aren’t teaching life insurance agents how to get in front of the tidal wave of consumers coming online to research and purchase life insurance.

But we are.

We’ve gathering motivated agents using modern marketing strategies into one community to share what we’re doing to generate business.

Monthly SEO Site Review w/action plan ($250/mo value)

Each month we’ll send you a report with critical information about your site’s performance and actionable advice on how to keep it growing.

We’ll show you everything you’re ranking for and at what position, so you can see results every month and know what pages are doing well (we’ll tell you what to do to optimize them in the action plan).

This monthly action plan will make it easy for you to understand how your site is performing and give you simple steps and strategies to keep it growing.

Never worry about technical hassles with our technical support

If you want your leads to post into your CRM, we’ll work with NinjaQuoter to do it for you. If there’s ever a problem with your website, we’ll trouble shoot it for you.

We don’t want you worrying about any of the technical aspects of your website so you can focus on your action plan. The more time you spend selling, the more money you make. Period.


Who is this offer for?

This is for the life insurance agent who wants to finally generate leads from their own website. You can be a face to face agent that wants to add another side to your business OR an agent that wants to sell 100% remotely over the phone.

As long as you’re willing to commit to our process, you’ll add a lead generating asset to your business.

This offer is for you if, you want to have more control and higher ROI in your business by generating your own leads instead of buying them.

Who shouldn’t do this?

Anyone who only wants to write local business and isn’t willing to pick up non-resident state licenses – this service isn’t for you.

This service also isn’t for anyone who can’t commit at least 1 hour per day to following our instructions.

Do I own my website?


You own the domain name. We own the hosting for 18 months.

After 18 months, we’ll transfer to your host at any time or you can keep it with us. It’s up to you.

This allows us to deliver a high quality website at a very low set-up fee. This all protects us from agents getting a website then canceling.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. However, your website will be deleted if it’s within 18 months. If you cancel within 18 months, we will provide the option to buy your website out for a one time fee of $1750 at any point in time and we’ll transfer the hosting and NinjaQuoter accounts over to you.

After 18 months, you can cancel and we’ll transfer your website to the host of your choice on our dime. Remember, you’ll have to pay for Hosting and NinjaQuoter to keep it live and working (like we do for all of our lead generating sites).

What if I get leads in states where I’m not licensed?

You can easily pick up non-resident state licenses from NIPR or Sircon. Pay the fee and you’ll have the license, typically, within a few days. There are a few states which take longer, but not many.

Alternatively, we can introduce you to people who will buy your leads in the states you’re not licensed in. (Some agents actually prefer to sell all their leads and focus on marketing)

How will I be getting leads?

Several ways. We put a lot of focus on ranking in the search engines since it produces the best ROI in the long term and is a solid foundation that is mostly sweat equity.

We also have high converting landing pages you can send paid traffic to which is optional.

When will I start getting leads?

If you’re buying ads and using paid traffic, you’ll be getting leads as soon as you start your ads. You can have them within days of your website going live.

If you want leads from the search engines, you could be getting leads within 6 months (some agents get leads within 3 months). This component is up to your work ethic and time investment.

What exactly do I need to do?

Since we’re taking care of the technical side, all you need to do is focus on marketing.

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. If you can follow instructions, you’ll have a lead generating asset within 12 months. A complete novice can do this if they have the discipline to commit to our process.

With that said, the bulk of what you need to do is write content for your website. That’s going to consist of 75% of the work you need to do. There is a process to writing articles and marketing them and we’ll give you that training.

If you choose to utilize paid advertising, we’ll show you what to do.

ALL of these tasks you can pay someone to do if you don’t want to do them yourself. Again, we’ll show you exactly what you have to do, or help you get to know the people who can make it happen.

One of the most common objections we get is an agent simply saying they don’t know how to get started. We’ll give you the map, the car and the keys. You just need to drive. It’s what we’ve done before, it’s what we do now, and it’s what we’re continuing to do.

Will you re-design websites?

For an added fee…potentially. It has to be on WordPress and we have to approve it (make sure there hasn’t been poor work done that would negate our efforts).

For re-design projects, we charge an additional $500 for less than 20 pages on your site and $1000 if there’s more than 20 pages on your website.

There’s a lot more work that goes into re-designing websites and going through page by page to make sure everything is up to our standards.

If you’re interested in our offer and want to redesign your site, email [email protected] your website URL. If we decide to take your project, we’ll send you a special payment form to complete.

Tell me more information about the guarantee

If you follow our action plan and don’t receive daily leads after 12 months, you have the option of selling your website back to us for everything you’ve paid us. That means all monthly payments.

So the only risk to you is your time.

The action plan takes less than an hour/day to implement. If you can follow instructions, you can handle the action plan. Our community is there to answer any questions as well.

What happens after I purchase?

Within 24 hours you’ll receive an invitation to our project management system to complete a questionnaire to build your website.

Within 24 hours you’ll also receive an invitation to our private community.

If you sign up over the weekend, you’ll receive an invitation on Monday.

When will I receive my website?

It will take us 10-30 days on average. We’ll let you know after you complete the questionnaire we send you.

During that time we work on your content plan and writing content for your website.

Bottom Line

Owning your own lead generating website will change your business and your life. It did mine and so many other agents I know.

It takes patience and an understanding of how internet marketing works. This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you follow our action plan, we’ll get you there.

Remember, you’re building an asset for your business that’s sellable whenever you decide to exit or retire. At the same time you’re building a lifestyle where you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you’re ready to commit to 1 hour per day of following our instructions, you’ll be waking up to daily leads in your inbox.